EITS Doctoral Program

The discipline of toxicology applies knowledge from related disciplines to understand how toxic agents cause harm to humans and animals. For example, understanding how heavy metals damage the brain requires knowledge of biochemistry, molecular biology and other disciplines. Accordingly, rigorous training in a basic science discipline plus learning how chemicals, drugs and naturally occurring toxins can cause harm forms the cornerstone of toxicology training at MSU.

To provide both of these, the IIT at MSU offers a “dual major” doctoral program. Each student engages in graduate education in a partnering basic science doctoral program that matches the student’s scientific interests. With this as a foundation, the EITS graduate program provides customized and coordinated training that enables a student to launch a successful career in the science of toxicology.

Many IIT-affiliated faculty are leaders in the discipline of toxicology and dedicated to research and training of graduate students. As an EITS toxicology trainee, you will gain knowledge and expertise through an interactive program of courses, research, seminars, and scientific meetings and by being an active member of the scientific community at MSU.

Upon completion, the student receives a PhD in his/her chosen discipline with a dual major in Environmental and Integrative Toxicological Sciences.
EITS Training Graphic