Carignan Honored by the International Society of Exposure Science

September 28, 2023

IIT-affiliated faculty member, Dr. Courtney Carignan, was recently selected to receive the Joan M. Daisey Outstanding Young Scientist Award from the International Society of Exposure Science. The award is given to recognize outstanding contributions to the science of human exposure analysis by a young scientist. The International Society of Exposure Science (ISES) works to meet humanity's needs for public health and environmental protection through a global community of exposure science professionals. ISES encourages the open exchange of information, provides opportunities for career development, acknowledges and promotes excellence in the practice of exposure assessments and research in the field of exposure science.

Dr. Carignan is an environmental exposure scientist and epidemiologist whose research helps protect reproductive and child health by investigating exposure to mixtures of ingredients and contaminants in consumer products, drinking water and food. She has conducted biomonitoring and health studies for a wide range of populations including infertile couples, pregnant women, infants, new mothers, office workers, gymnasts, and communities exposed to contaminated drinking water. This research has contributed to public health interventions aimed at reducing exposures to flame retardants, perfluoroalkyl substances, and arsenic. Broad implications of her work are the importance of considering multiple exposures, preconception as a sensitive window of development, and the need for improved strategies to avoid regrettable substitution.

Dr. Carignan holds a joint appointment in the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition and the Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology.