News from CRIS: Special Edition - Homemade Infant Formula

May 16, 2022

What is infant formula? 

Infant formula (aka, baby formula, formula) is a specialized food designed to replicate or replace the nutrients found in breast milk.

It's designed, manufactured, and regulated for daily consumption to fulfill all of a baby's nutritional needs (1).

Are there different types of infant formula?

There are many different types of infant formula designed for infants' specific health and nutritional needs.

Some formulas are made without specific ingredients for infants who may be sensitive to standard formula or breastmilk ingredients. Formulas may also be designed for infants with underlying health conditions that require highly specialized feeding regimes.

Why is there increased interest in baby formula recipes?

As we briefly covered in a previous post, one of the largest infant formula manufacturers in the United States recalled baby formula due to possible contamination. Additionally, the plant has been shut down until the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gives the go-ahead to reopen the facility and restart production.

The recall plus the factory shutdown has led to infant formula shortages across the country, especially for infants with specific health needs that require a specialized formula.

What recipes are people sharing?

Through social listening activities, we've noticed a dramatic increase in recipes purported as safe replacements for infant formula. Some of these recipes are more than 60 years old. Other recipes are modern interpretations that attempt to replicate the nutritional qualities found in formula.


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