EITS Alumnus Joseph Zagorski Joins CRIS & IIT Faculty

March 21, 2022

Joseph ZagorskiDr. Joseph ZagorskiEITS alumnus, joins the Center for Research on Ingredient Safety (CRIS) as an assistant professor and the IIT as an affiliated faculty member. As a toxicologist for CRIS, Zagorski is dedicated to better understanding and supporting the safety of consumer products as they pertain to bettering public health. 

The broad interest of Zagorski's research centers on ingredient safety and molecular toxicology. Currently, Zagorski is working on developing models of developmental immunotoxicology, co-culture models systems with human hepatocytes, and the utilization of 3D culture systems to predict toxicity. As part of CRIS, his goal is to develop alternative model systems, utilizing primary human cells and tissues. This includes the implementation of a developmental immunotoxicology model system, using primary human CD34+ cells from cord blood, to determine effects of toxicants on the developing immune system. The overarching goal of Zagorski's research is to utilize these models to promote public health and support research for ingredient safety.     

Zagorski completed a Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology and Environmental Toxicology from Michigan State University in 2017 and was mentored by Dr. Cheryl Rockwell in the EITS program. While at MSU, he studied the role of a cell stress pathway, activated by chemical toxicants, in the alteration of immune function.

After graduation, Zagorski accepted a position at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids, studying translational therapeutics for pediatric cancer. Three years later, he transitioned into a role creating, facilitating, and carrying out translational research at Spectrum Health beyond pediatric oncology. At Spectrum, he supported projects ranging from heart disease to adult oncology and precision medicine.

Both CRIS and the IIT are pleased to welcome Dr. Zagorski back to MSU!