News from CRIS: Trending - Mung Bean Protein

May 18, 2021

What is mung bean protein?

Mung beans are protein and nutrient-dense beans that are part of the legume family. First farmed in India, people commonly cultivate mung beans in many countries and continents, including Southeast Asia, Africa, South America, and Australia (1).
Given its rich nutritional content and extensive cultivation, manufacturers have found ways to create mung bean protein isolates which often have a flour-like consistency. Manufacturers add mung bean protein isolates to different foods and products to increase the nutritional content of the foods or to enhance specific types of foods like alternative meat products (1).

Are mung bean protein isolates healthy? 

Mung bean protein isolates provide excellent nutrition as part of a balanced diet. They are protein-rich and contain many essential amino acids we need to maintain our health. We can easily digest mung bean protein and isolates, too (1).
Preliminary studies show that consuming mung bean protein can help improve muscular strength (1).


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