News from CRIS: Chemophobia - Fearing Chemicals

April 14, 2021

What is chemophobia?

Simply put, chemophobia is the fear or aversion to chemicals and chemistry.
In this post, we’ll focus on the emotions chemicals may invoke in us when related to food, cosmetics, and other household items.

What is a chemical?

Chemicals are the building blocks of life. Every living, breathing creature is made of chemicals. Every building we’ve entered is made of chemicals. Every product we’ve ever purchased and used is made of chemicals. Every food we’ve eaten is made up of chemicals.
When we think of chemicals it’s easy to think they’re artificial, human-made additions to our lives, rather than the foundation of our lives. Even things we may not think of as chemicals, like water, oxygen, sugar, protein, DNA are all examples of chemicals.
The foundation of our world and the chemicals that make up our world is found in the periodic table of elements. Everything around us, including us, is made of these elements or different combinations of these elements. Essentially the periodic table shows us the ingredients of life and everything that surrounds us.


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