Felicia Wu named Fellow of the Society for Risk Analysis

February 4, 2021


IIT-affiliated faculty member Felicia Wu was recently named Fellow of the Society for Risk Analysis. Wu is a John A. Hannah Distinguished Professor in the Michigan State University (MSU) departments of Food Science and Human Nutrition, and Agriculture, Food and Resource Economics. Up to 1% of SRA members per year are selected as Fellows based on achievements in science and public policy, and service to the organization.

“It’s a huge honor,” Wu said. “The Society for Risk Analysis is such a welcoming home professional society. If you can talk about growing up in your career, I sort of grew up in the SRA family.”

Wu received the award during the SRA Annual meeting, which took place virtually December 13-17. Wu, who has been involved with SRA for 22 years, attended her first annual meeting as a graduate student at Carnegie Mellon University. Since then, she has served as chair for two specialty groups within the organization: one focused on risk communication, and the other on biological stressors (now known as the microbial risk analysis group). In addition, Wu was one of nine SRA Councilors from 2009-12. Councilors are selected to help the organization’s president and president-elect govern.

Wu estimates that she and her students have given at least 50 presentations at SRA Annual Meetings. Her first presentation was in 1998, while she was attending Carnegie Mellon. It focused on how to communicate safety issues of public utility water to protect populations from disease and infection. This year, Wu will present on protecting meatpacking workers from the novel coronavirus.

Read more of this story by Alex Tekip that originally appeared on MSU AgBioResearch at: https://www.canr.msu.edu/news/felicia-wu-named-fellow-of-the-society-for-risk-analysis