News from CRIS: Essential Oils - Digging Deeper Lavender Oil

August 25, 2020

What is an essential oil?

Essential oils are compounds extracted from various plant parts, including flowers, leaves, bark, seeds, roots, twigs, and more.
Manufacturers typically use essential oils as flavor or aroma enhancers in cosmetics, food additives, soaps, plastic resins, perfumes, and more.

What is lavender oil?

There are at least 39 types of lavender plant species and even more lavender plant hybrid species. The term lavender is the common name used to refer to all the plants found in the genus Lavandula (1).
Different lavender species can have different properties and uses. For example, Lavandula angustifolia is valued in culinary dishes, while Lavandula latifolia has a more pungent smell, which can be valuable in fragrances.


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