News from CRIS: Cosmetics - Digging Deeper: Natural & Conventional Toothpaste

November 3, 2020

What is toothpaste? 

Toothpaste is typically pastes, gels, or occasionally powders used with a toothbrush to maintain our oral health. They can support dental health by delivering active ingredients to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease and by removing plaques and build-ups found on our teeth.

What is the difference between natural and conventional toothpaste?

Typically, the term “natural” implies manufacturers do not use synthetically derived chemical ingredients when creating their products. Instead, scientists design the formula using naturally occurring chemical ingredients.

Regardless of the ingredient source, cosmetics are all formulated using chemical ingredients. It’s important to remember that chemicals make up everything.

Is toothpaste regulated?

Yes, toothpaste is typically regulated as a cosmetic product because it does not impact any bodily function, meaning manufacturers bear legal responsibility to make sure the cosmetic products they sell are safe for use and labeled properly (1,2,3,4).


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