Nigel S. Paneth

Nigel S.  Paneth
  • University Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Neuroscience Program
  • Fee Hall West Wing
  • 909 Wilson Rd Room B601
  • East Lansing MI 48824
  • 517-353-8623x112


Dr. Paneth's research interests include perinatal and child health epidemiology and environmental hazards to reproduction. His overarching research goal is to come to a better understanding of the prenatal and perinatal roots of the major disabling neurodevelopmental conditions of childhood, particularly cerebral palsy. In 1984, he established the central NJ neonatal brain hemorrhage study which aims to understand the factors that determine brain damage in preterm infants and their neurodevelopmental sequelae. This study has produced a comprehensive overview of brain damage in premature infants, based on its large series of such infants with both ultrasound imaging and brain pathological examination. The study has also determined which newborn cranial ultrasound images best predict cerebral palsy, has assessed the effect of prenatal alcohol ingestion on brain lesions, has shown that certain newborn ultrasound images also predicts mental retardation and hyperactivity, and has demonstrated that low levels of thyroid hormone in the first days of life are important predictors of lowered IQ and cerebral palsy.


Columbia College, AB, 1968 
Dartmouth Medical School, BMS, 1970 
Harvard Medical School, MD, 1972 
Columbia University School of Public Health, MPH, 1978



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