Masako Morishita

Masako  Morishita
  • Associate Professor, Department of Family Medicine
  • Clinical Ctr - Tower B
  • 788 Service Rd Room B117
  • East Lansing MI 48824
  • 517-884-0463


Dr. Morishita’s research focuses on exposure science research including improving physicochemical characterization of indoor and outdoor airborne particulate matter, quantification of biological burden and biomarkers of trace elements and metals, and emission source identification using receptor modeling—all of which are essential for human/animal exposure assessment and   toxicological/epidemiological studies in multidisciplinary research   projects.  She incorporates measurement and analytical tools to understand the sources and fates of nanoparticles and ambient air pollutants, and their potential impacts to the environment and human health.  She currently leads exposure assessment tasks in the Great Lakes Air Center for Integrated Environmental Research (GLACIER, funded by EPA), and until recently directed the Trace Metals Laboratory for the University of Michigan Environmental Health Sciences Core Center (funded by NIEHS).  She is also currently leveraging her exposure science expertise to conduct intervention studies focusing on the reduction of personal exposure to fine particulate matter and adverse cardiovascular responses in urban communities, protecting the health and quality of life of the elderly and other vulnerable populations.  She seeks to continue extending her future efforts in community-based environmental health research, focusing on interventions that mitigate exposure and improve health outcomes.


University of Michigan, B.S.E., 1994, Chemical Engineering  
University of Michigan, M.S., 1998, Environmental Health Sciences
University of Michigan, Ph.D., 2003, Environmental Health Sciences



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