Burra V. Madhukar

Burra V.  Madhukar
  • Assistant Professor Emeritus, Department of Pediatrics and Human Development


Dr. Madhukar's research interests centered around the molecular and biochemical mechanisms of carcinogenicity of environmental toxicants, including pesticides and polycyclics in soil and ground water. The goal of his work was for anti-cancer drug development for targeted therapy.

He has expertise in the area of molecular and biochemical mechanisms of action of environmental toxicants such as pesticides, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and dioxins. The major focus is to how these chemicals perturb cell signaling pathways, alter gene expression profiles in target cells, and exert epigenetic carcinogenic effects. Another area of expertise is in the isolation and characterization of stem cells from adult tissue and the development of in vitro methods for their differentiation into specific cell types. The main focus is on the isolation of pancreatic stem cells and their differentiation to insulin producing beta cells for potential use as diabetes therapy.


Andhra University, B.S., Biology/Chemistry, 1961 
Agra University, M.S., Zoology, 1963 
Delhi University, Ph.D., Zoology, 1972 
University of Maryland, Post-doc, Entomology, 1973-75 
University of Wisconsin, Post-doc, Toxicology, 1975-78




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