Community Engagement Core

The Community Engagement Core of Michigan State's NIEHS Superfund Research Center has two objectives. First and foremost is a commitment of ours to help the Tittabawassee River and Saginaw Bay region residents with their understanding of, and collective response to, many years of industrial contamination. Dow Chemical has brought innovation and prosperity to generations of residents in this region. Yet with the good comes unintended consequences. Some of these can be undesirable, even harmful. So it is in this region of Michigan, where home owners, business owners and others share a commitment to repairing the land, the water, and the culture.  

Our second commitment is to learning. We are researchers and community specialists who not only study how things are but also how to improve living and working conditions. We do this with particular expertise in communication, community engagement, responsible development, and environmental sustainability. Our basis of expertise is not just the University, but the community too, in partnership. Community knowledge, when paired with academic insights, can lead to a bright future.