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NIEHS Training Grant

The MSU toxicology graduate program is fortunate to have had continuous financial support since 1989 from the National Institute for Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS). Universities compete nationally for training grants from the NIEHS, and the longstanding support by this NIH institute testifies to the excellence that the EITS program has maintained over the years in training graduate students and postdoctoral fellows, many of whom have become leaders in the field of toxicology.

Postdoctoral fellows and EITS doctoral students in the Biomedical Track who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible for support from the training grant.

NIEHS Training Grant faculty members include:
Andrea Amalfitano
Eran R. Andrechek
William D. Atchison
Jamie J. Bernard
Bryan L. Copple
Susan L. Ewart
Patricia E. Ganey
Jay I. Goodman
John L. Goudreau
Brian D. Gulbransen
Jack R. Harkema
Colleen C. Hegg
Norbert E. Kaminski
John J. LaPres
Gina M. Leinninger
John E. Linz
James P. Luyendyk
Linda S. Mansfield
Michelle Mazei-Robison
Laura R. McCabe
James J. Pestka
A.J. Robison
Cheryl E. Rockwell
Robert A. Roth
James G. Wagner
Felicia Wu
Timothy Zacharewski