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Sean Nguyen

Sean NguyenCooperating Doctoral Program: CMB

EITS Track: Biomedical Toxicology

Education: B.S. Biology and Psychology, The University of Michigan

Research Interests:
My project focuses on studying the molecular mechanisms of the trichonothecene mycotoxin Deoxcynivalenol (DON) and how it mediates hormone secretion within murine intestinal tissue. More specifically, I am interested in studying the mechanism by which DON binds to enteroendocrine cells within the gut which then causes the release of hormones such as cholecystokinin (CCK), peptide-YY (PYY) and serotonin (5-HT) which all can attribute to DON's rapid induction of gut satiety, feed refusal, nausea and vomiting. The significance of this research is that it will give new insights into the mechanism by which DON interacts/binds with enteroendocrine cells which can lead to better understanding of how enteroendocrine cells are able to detect other toxins that can disrupt enteroendocrine function.

Another aspect of my project will be growing stem cell-derived intestinal organoid cultures that are enriched with a higher proportion of enteroendocrine cells to better understand DON induction of gut hormone release. This method of increasing the population of enteroendocrine cells allows for easier and rapid quantification of hormone release that better simulates in vivo conditions than traditional cell culture lines. Taken together, my project will seek to understand enteroendocrine cell lineage progression in addition to understanding the mechanisms by which these cells sense toxins and thereby release hormones in response to control the body.

Major Professor: Margaret Petroff, Pathobiology and Diagnostic Investigation