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Taylor Dunivin

Taylor DunivinCooperating Doctoral Program: Microbiology and Molecular Genetics

EITS Track: Biomedical Toxicology

Education: B.S. Biology, University of Michigan

Photo courtesy of MSU Best / Allie Siarto

Research Interests:
I am interested in the toxicology of metals and metalloids and their fate in the environment. My dissertation project will examine microbial arsenic resistance in coalmine fire affected soils with the ultimate goal of relating resistance genes with the fate of arsenic in soils. I am studying arsenic speciation and mobility in the surface soils of an underground coalmine fire that first ingnited in 1962. I will first examine arsenic resistance in bacterial isolates cultivated from fire affected soils. Then I will use metagenomic approaches to measure the diversity and abundance of arsenic resistance genes across a chronosequence of fire affectedness. Ultimately, I will use soil microcosms amended with arsenic to relate changes in arsenic speciation and mobility in soil to microbial arsenic resistance genes. My project has a strong emphasis on microbial arsenic methylation, as this is debated as a consideration for risk assessment or a bioremediation technique.

Major Professor: Ashley Shade, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics