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Ya-Hui Chuang

Ya-Hui ChuangCooperating Doctoral Program: Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences

EITS Track: Environmental Toxicology

Education: B.S., Soil and Environmental Sciences, National Chung Hsing University

M.S., Agricultural Chemistry, National Taiwan University

Research Interests:
I am currently working on developing analytical methods to quantify a suite of pharmaceuticals in plants and soils. This topic is currently of concern to scientific communities as well as to the general public. The results from this study will be used to assess food safety and potential risks to humans and animals. Many pharmaceuticals administered to humans and veterinary animals are frequently found in biosolids and effluents of wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). Biosolids are applied to agricultural fields for their economic value as fertilizers and as an inexpensive management/disposal scheme. Effluents of WWTPs (reclaimed water) have been increasingly utilized for agricultural irrigation in arid and semi-arid regions. A negative consequence of these actions is that pharmaceuticals are introduced into the soils nad waters of agroecosystems. My Ph.D. study is focusing on plant uptake of pharamaceuticals from soils. A suite of pharmaceuticals with diverse characteristics have been selected to investigate in order to better elucidate the varying behaviors for plant uptake. The results from my research will provide the knowledge to better assess the potential risks to food safety and human health.

Major Professor: Hui Li, Plant, Soil and Microbial Sciences