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Environmental Toxicology Track

The Environmental Toxicology Track of the EITS doctoral program is designed for doctoral students who have limited mammalian biology background and have a bachelors degree in fields such as chemistry, engineering, environmental law, ecology, etc.

Course Requirements:

  1. CSS 865, Environmental Fate of Organic Contaminants in Soils, 3 credits, Spring (even years)
  2. PHM 450, Introduction to Chemical Toxicology, 3 credits, Spring
    OR PHM 816, Integrative Toxicology: Mechanisms, Pathology, and Regulation, 3 credits, Fall (odd years)
  3. FW 891, New Approaches to Ecological Risk Assessment, 3 credits, Fall, Spring, Summer OR FW 431, Ecophysiology and Toxicology of Fish, 3 credits, Spring (odd years)
  4. ESP 803, Human and Ecological Health Assessment and Management, 3 credits, Fall OR FSC 981, Food and Environmental Risk Assessment, 3 credits
  5. Plus one course from the following list:
    CSUS 851, Modeling Natual Resource Systems, 3 credits
    CMSE 801, Intro to Computational Modeling, 3 credits, Fall
    CMSE 802, Methods in Computational Modeling, 3 credits, Spring
    CMSE 821, Numerical Methos for Differential Equations, 3 credits, Spring
    ESP 850, Intro to Modeling Environment and Social Systems, 3 credits, Fall
    ESP 890, Modeling Environment and Social Systems, 3 credits, Fall
    BE 849, Health Risk Model and Analyses, 3 credits, Fall (even years)
    LAW 566Q, Regulating Environmental Risk or International Environmental Law, 3 credits, (open to EITS students in 2018)
    FSC 891, Exposure Science and Environmental Epidemiology, 3 credits, Spring

Total number of required credits: 15, plus fullfllment of course requirements in the student's partnering doctoral program.

Note: For some students, a course may fulfill a requirement for both the EITS program and the partnering doctoral program.

Other Requirements

  1. Thesis project in a toxicology-related area.
  2. Two IIT-affiliated faculty as members of your thesis committee.
  3. Attend at least 12 toxicology-reltaed seminars before graduation. (To see a list of qualifying seminars, see the recent seminar list.

Apply to EITS

If you are already a student in a partnering MSU Graduate Program, consider applying to EITS:

EITS Application (pdf)

Graduate Handbook (pdf)

EITS Brochure (pdf)