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Curricular Tracks

To allow flexibility, and recognizing that students with interest in toxicology enter doctoral training with interests in related disciplines, a student enrolling in the EITS program chooses from one of three curricular tracks, depending on the student's interests and previous training. These three tracks have different but overlapping course requirements:

The Biomedical Toxicology Track

  • designed for students entering with a background in mammalian biology
  • emphasizes coursework and training in laboratory research focused on understanding mechanisms of toxicity to humans and animals from exposure to drugs, dietary agents, industrial chemcials and environmental contaminants

The Environmental Toxicology Track

  • designed for students entering with less training in mammalian biology but a strong background in another area
  • typically serves doctoral students in environmental engineering, chemistry, environmental law, plant biology, microbiology, ecology and other disciplines
  • coursework in this track includes training in toxicology as well as in fate and biological effects of chemicals in the environment and their regulation
  • thesis research of students in this track spans a variety of areas including environmental law, chemical analysis of environmental agents, environmental distribution and fate of chemicals, ecotoxicology, remediation of environmental contaminants and others

The Food Toxicology and Ingredient Safety Track

  • designed for students interested in the safety of food-borne and consumer product ingredients
  • has somewhat greater emphasis on risk evaluation and regulation of ingredients than the other two tracks

Apply to EITS

If you are already a student in a partnering MSU Graduate Program, consider applying to EITS:

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