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Choosing a Cooperating Ph.D. Program

Before gaining acceptance into the EITS program, you must be accepted into one of our 17 cooperating Ph.D. programs that suits your interests. Please visit our Diagram of the EITS Program for a detailed diagram summarizing our partnering programs and their relationship to the EITS program. To help you decide which partnering program is best for you, you can check out the individual websites of our partnering programs and contact their graduate program director or secretary. Also, check out the research interests of the IIT faculty to see which of them match with your interests. Be aware that some students choose thesis advisors who are appointed in departments different from the students' chosen partnering doctoral program.

Once you have been accepted by and enter into one of our partnering Ph.D. programs, you will apply to and be accepted into the EITS program during your first year in graduate school. See How Does EITS Work? for more information after you are accepted.