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Thomas J. Pinnavaia

Thomas Pinnavaia

University Distinguished Professor, Emeritus, Chemistry

578 S SHAW LN ROOM 435

Research Interests:
Dr. Pinnavaia's research interests lie in inorganic and materials chemistry, including intercalation chemistry of complex layered oxides; mesoporous solids; pillared clays; solid acids and bases; heterogeneous catalysis; applications to environmental problems; molecular design of composite materials with nano-structured architectures. He has ongoing research projects in environmental remediation and pollution prevention; water purification; polymer nanocomposites; heterogeneous catalysis; and protein purification.

Educational Background:
Erie County Technical Institute, A.A.S., Industrial Chemistry, 1957  
State University of New York- Buffalo, B.A., Chemistry, 1962  
Cornell University, Ph.D., Inorganic Chemistry, 1967  

Selected Professional Activities:
President: American Chemical Society, MSU Section, 1982-83; Michigan Catalysis Society, 1987-88; Clay Minerals Society, 1987-88; Editorial Advisory Boards: Chem Mater, 1989-1992; Micropor Mater, 1994-98; J. Solid State Chem, 1997-2000; Appl Clay Sci., 1998-2001; Appl Catal, 1998-2001; Green Chemistry, 1998-2001; Recipient: Senior Sigma Xi Research Award, 1983; MSU Distinguished Professor Award, 1988; Geaorge W. Brindley Lecture Award, Clay Minerals Society, 1991; Distinguished Member Award, Clay Minerals Society, 1993; University Distinguished Professor of Chemistry, Michigan State University, 1997; 2006 IMMA Award for excellence in mesostructure research.


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