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Eran R. Andrechek

Laura R. McCabeAssistant Professor, Department of Physiology


Research Interests:

The progression of human breast cancer and cancer in general, is a process that is unique among each individual. The mutations that occur in each individual tumor give rise to tumors that are largely heterogeneous when compared to each other. The heterogeneity present within cancer presents a significant obstacle in both elucidating the various mechanisms of transformation and in the development of therapies. When recent work that elucidated the mutational spectrum and pathway activation is considered with the mindset of progression towards therapy, the importance of recognizing the particular genomic signature of an individual tumor becomes quite apparent.

Work in my laboratory is focused on understanding mammary tumor development and employs a number of methods to do so, ranging from animal models to computational analysis of gene expression data.  We use an integrative method whereby we use bioinformatic methods to make predictions for the role of specific signaling pathways in tumor biology that are then tested using model systems.

Current research projects in the laboratory include an analysis of heterogeneity in mouse models of breast cancer through signaling pathway signatures, a determination of the role of the E2F transcription factors in several models of breast cancer, characterization of the development of the mammary gland in the absence of the E2Fs and modeling individualized therapy in a transgenic system.

Educational Background:
McMaster University, B.Sc., 1997, Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 
McMaster University, Ph.D., 2003, Biology  

Selected Professional Activities:
Dr. Andrechek completed postdoctoral training at Duke University with Dr. Joseph Nevins.  He received a Susan G. Komen postdoctoral fellowship from 2004 to 2007.  He belongs to the International Society for Computational Biology, the American Association for Cancer Research and the Metastasis Research Society.


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Laboratory Trainees:

  • Daniel Hollern, Predoctoral, Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Inez Yuwanita, Predoctoral, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
  • Jing-Ru Jhan, Predoctoral, Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Danielle Barnes, Predoctoral, Statistics